ray ban sunglasses, a symbol of a successful man . Models shaped rugged chic, has a good eye function . Over the years, Ray-Ban sunglasses species increasing , and the formation of traditional, modern and future series of three styles .

In addition , depending on the object of consumption , Ray-Ban sunglasses are divided into gentleman, lady , sports three types: type stable noble gentleman ; lady type casual elegant ; sports movement is full of sunshine . Just from the appearance , style has been unable to distinguish its authenticity , but the fake is a fake, counterfeit , when conducting , eventually there will be a lot of details exposed

1.Will see its brand name and batch number on the lettering lettering Ray-Ban sunglasses metal frame on metal frames , are all pressed together by a precision mold milling , looks delicate and beautiful , and even the height of the protruding portion is consistent.

2.Look metal frames welded parts Rayban sunglasses weld metal frames smooth, neat , smooth, well-proportioned , handled quite detailed. See ( non slingshot class ) fixed screw in screws EBW premises Ban sunglasses frames are used directly on the frame with glue , binding more tightly secure, and also turns the screws with plastic buckle .

3.See Ray-Ban Ray Ban sunglasses LOGO will print on the top right corner to the right sunglasses for "RAY-BAN" of LOGO, but with a certain curvature of the lens is not rigidly printed on the lenses.

Details determine success or failure, the authenticity of the details are decided , so attention to detail, be able to help you choose the right ray ban wayfarer sunglasses .

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